Plunger Manager

Get More Out of Your Wells with Plunger Manager in Houston, TX

Insuring maximum production from wells with low flow rates can be a challenge. Lavoro Technologies’ easy-to-configure Plunger Manager in Houston, TX, learns individual production conditions and optimizes the process to assure peak production and protects the asset in the event of a field issue. Plunger Manager can also be configured for both gas assist and chemical injection wells. Plunger Manager enables visibility, optimization, historized data, and well safety for your assets.

Contact our staff to learn more about Plunger Manager and start enjoying a higher yield from low-flow wells. We serve clients around the world from our base of operations in Houston, Texas.

  • Premier Solution for Plunger Type Artificial Lift

    • Optimizes traditional and gas-assisted plunger lift systems
    • Monitors pressures, temperatures, and flow rates
    • Configurable alarms
    • Manual, timed, and auto-tune approaches to plunger operation
    • Controls up to 28 well runs
    • Works with all types of measurement devices
  • Drive Better Decision-Making

    • Pad-wide data trending for all plunger information
    • Auto-tune features drive optimal plunger performance, helping to achieve the best production of fluids
    • Open reporting to your field office modeling applications
    • Open protocol – no proprietary SCADA host protocol

Advanced Features

  • Ticket Manager: Electronic Ticketing
  • Tank Manager: Complete Tank Management
  • Well Manager: Gas, Oil, and Saltwater
  • Test Manager: Production Well Testing
  • Data historian: SQL Database Historian
  • Local Email Capability, WiFi Hotspot, and Webserver
  • Cause and Effect: Configure Applications Using Safety Matrix Worksheets

What Doesn’t QLogix Have?

  • No hidden service fees
  • No layered software service plans
  • No proprietary, third-party, web software

Hardware & Software Specifications

    mSTATA 120 GB SSD standard (up to 3.84 TB optional)
    PostgreSQL Version 9.1
    2GB, DDR3-800 DRAM